La Vie…Sydney

Three weeks ago my global coordinates shifted 10,090 miles away from my Boston life. Studying abroad until January, I now reside in the city “centre” of Sydney, NSW, Australia. Expect a bit of an Aussie influence on upcoming posts in place of my usual Boston-centric perspective! My travel blog “La Vie Sydney” can be found here. Also, if you call Australia home, please get in touch!


16 thoughts on “La Vie…Sydney

  1. Hi Dani, so excited to see you will be in Australia! My name’s Ashleigh and I’m a graphic designer and blogger from Melbourne (capital city of Victoria, the next state down). Sydney and Melbourne are always in competition with one another, and as a Melbournian I’m traditionally supposed to “hate Sydney”, but I absolutely love it, such a beautiful vibrant city – you will have a great time. You must visit The Rocks, Bondi, and of course the harbour – home to they Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Enjoy!

  2. Wow that’s great, my hometown is two hours away from Sydney. I highly recommend the Queen Victoria Building for some classy shopping and historical insight! Enjoy x

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