Hello Sunshine.

and the blonde one was called freedom

Hello all! I’m Dani and I work as a communications professional in the Boston area. La Vie Boston embodies my life here, what inspires me, and what makes me feel happiest. I am moved by so many scattered mediums: film, street fashion, music, typography, nature, history (the shortlist). Through a combination of all of these elements, I collect my rambling thoughts here.

Most importantly, I love love love to hear from you!

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29 thoughts on “Hello Sunshine.

  1. Hi Dani!

    What’s your email? I’d love for you to be part of a guest blogger series I’m putting together… I looked for your contact info but couldn’t find it. Let me know!


  2. Hi Dani!

    Hope everything’s going well! I wanted to get in touch with you regarding the upcoming Shecky’s Girls Night Out in Boston on October 27-29.

    We would love the opportunity to work with you in promoting our event on your blog. As always in return, we will gladly provide you with press passes to attend our events so you can experience Girls Night Out for yourself as well! We are open to any suggestions and new ideas you may have!

    If you can send along any updated information about your site that you have available (i.e. number of members, Web site traffic, etc.) that would be great. Have a wonderful day!



  3. just wanted to say im so glad i came across this blog. if i made a blog it would be nearly identical! love love love it xxx

  4. Hello! Just wanted to stop by and say that i absolutley love your blog! We have a lot of similar interests so i get a lot of inspirtation from here.
    Keep posting! :)

  5. While lunching with my good friend Abby yesterday, she told me she hated the music on her Ipod and really needed some new tunes. I recommended your blog to her and told her I follow it daily and we three share very similar taste–not just in music, but style, food, life, etc–and she was thrilled to hear about your Monday Playlist… Thank you for continuing to provide a great resource for me & my pals. ;)

  6. I just checked out your blog for the first time. IT’S GREAT! Your words are beautiful, your pictures are amazing, and your “voice” is inspiring and uplifting.

  7. I came across your page when I was looking for the polaroid picture that’s in the end of the movie Almost Famous . I am speechless . Your pictures are AMAZING and everything that is on this site I find so blessed to have come across . I am so inspired by your website, your posts and the layout . It is everything that I have been trying to express but haven’t yet . Thank you sooo much and keep posting ! <3

  8. Hello!
    I can’t believe i found your site! It’s like your inside my head! i have the same photos on my comp and a lot of the same music. Your site has become something i genuinely rely on to cheer me up, find inspiration and confidence. Your site make me hold on to who I am and what i love/makes me happy in a place were nobody else seems to get it! Thank you for that and please don’t stop!

  9. yo girl! i just wanted to say thank you for your nod on my blog.. yours is amazing as well! i love the addition of a bucket list, very inspiring…!keep up the creativity, it suits you well :)))


  10. Your blog is great, I love the layout, content, etc. Everything about it is refreshing. I have just started my own blog and yours is giving me the inspiration I needed! Thanks! Keep up the good work, girl!

  11. Your blog is adorable and inspiring; I found it a few months ago and kept it bookmarked ever since.
    I love all your posts and identify with them so much! The photos you find are awesome.
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. get there by chance, just like the feeling of your page, even though i’m not very clear about what you wanno express. my english is so poor, forgive me. by the way ,i put this in my favorite, hoho!

  13. Cheers! I love your blog, you life in Boston. Seriously. :) Hope I can make something out of mine too. My name’s Danica. My friends call me Dani. Isn’t this cool?

  14. I googled bohemian fashion yesterday and I found your blog. Im glad I did. I have a lot of reading a head of me :)

    I will travel to Boston this summer so I feel lucky finding this blog. Keep up the good work and, well good luck in general! :)


  15. Love love love this blog. Its perfect. Adore the imagery you have used!! So inspirational….the bucket list has me writing my own one. Look forward to following you.

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